Elation T20F LED/Halogen Par Light Chase Pack Black

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Elation T20F LED/Halogen Par Light Chase Pack

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Properly chase your LED par cans and traditional halogen par cans with the T20F LED/Halogen Par Chase Pack from ADJ. This 4-channel system allows you to control a range of chase programs with the simple and effective T20F Foot Switch. Comes with Chase Controller, Foot Switch and DMX cable.
You can't have a great show without great lights. In the world of music and show business one of the most widely used lighting systems for events have been par cans, whether LED or the traditional halogen lamp type. Managing these par cans to do the scenes and chases you want is necessary for putting on a great performance. If you want to get the most effect out of a par can system you need the T20F LED/Halogen Par Chase Pack from ADJ. The 4-channel controller in the package provides your par can setup with many features such as built-in programs. Built to last, this quality piece of equipment will be with you for years to come whether you're using it at a bar, club, stage, or as a DJ on the road. The T20F LED/Halogen Par Can Chase Pack from ADJ is an effective solution for a necessary need.

4-channel chase control pack (Four 3-prong Edison sockets)
Great for the working Musician or DJ
Designed to chase LED Par Cans as well as traditional halogen par cans
DMX, 3pin, XLR In/Out for linking to other T20F’s
20 built-in programs: 10 normal chase programs and 10 chase programs with fade time
7 pre-set scenes (holding the “Stand By” button down for 3 seconds):
Scene 1= Channel 1 On
Scene 2= Channel 2 On
Scene 3= Channel 3 On
Scene 4= Channel 4 On
Scene 5= Channel 1 and 3 On
Scene 6= Channel 2 and 4 On
Scene 7= All On
Stand By function (Blackout)
Chase button to select from the 20 built in chases
Primary/Secondary and DMX operation modes
Chase by way of Audio (sound activation) or 3, preset, chase speeds
Max Load: 5A per channel or 15A max
Circuit breaker protection
Built-in, reversible, hanging/truss bracket
Voltage: 120VAC / 60Hz