PreSonus Atom Producer Lab

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  • Complete, all-in-one music production kit
  • ATOM™ USB pad controller for making beats, playing virtual instruments, and triggering samples and loops
  • AudioBox USB® 96 audio/MIDI interface
  • Studio One® Artist and Ableton® Live Lite production software and Studio Magic Plug-in Suite
  • M7 studio condenser microphone
  • MVP Loops content custom-curated for ATOM
ATOM Pad Controller
  • Trigger loops and effects and play virtual instruments with 16 full-size, velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads.
  • 8 assignable pad banks
  • MIDI Keyboard mode, Note Repeat mode, and Full Velocity mode to customize instrument control. (Application dependent)
  • 4 programmable rotary encoders and 20 assignable buttons, navigate and set more parameters faster
  • Pressure switchable between MIDI aftertouch, channel pressure, and CC messages
  • Selectable pad velocity curves and pad pressure thresholds
Studio One® Artist Production Software
  • AudioBox USB 96 audio interface and ATOM pad controller are automatically detected by Studio One Artist, no setup required
  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Navigate and choose an instrument from the Browser
  • Studio One dynamically switches ATOM between Keyboard and Drum modes depending on the selected instrument
  • 31 Native Effects and 5 virtual instrument plug-ins
  • 10+ GB of third-party software, loops, and instruments
  • Mac- and Windows-compatible
Ableton® Live Lite ATOM Integration Features
  • Navigate Up, Down, Left, or Right in Live's Session view in banks of 4 with ATOM's navigation buttons
  • Launch clips and scenes using ATOM's Session mode
  • RGB LEDs display which clips are playing or stopped and reflect each clip's assigned color
  • Play virtual instruments and Live's Drum Rack device using ATOM's Note mode
  • Navigate Live's mixer using ATOM's Channel mode
  • Select, Solo, and Record Enable channels as well as stop all clips on a selected channel
  • Knobs are used to change track volume, track panning, Sends A, and Sends B for the selected bank
  • Switch between Session and Arranger views from ATOM
  • Record in either Session Record or Arranger Record modes
  • Dedicated User mode for custom user assignments, Metronome On/Off, Save and Undo, Loop On/Off, and more...
  • Mac- and Windows-compatible
  • NOTE: In order to utilize these features in Live, ATOM firmware must be updated to version 3.4 (released via Universal Control on November 19, 2019). Advanced integration features are only available with Ableton Live 10.1.5 or later. Ableton Live Lite is only available for new ATOM registrations after October 20, 2019.
AudioBox® USB 96 Audio Interface
  • Bus-powered USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface
  • 2 combo mic/instrument inputs with Class A mic preamplifiers
  • 48V phantom power (for included M7 microphone or other condenser microphones)
  • Zero-latency monitoring via internal analog mixer
  • Headphone jack with level control
  • Compact, rugged, all-metal chassis
  • USB cable included for connection to computer
M7 Microphone
  • Large-diaphragm design
  • Captures far more detail than a dynamic mic
  • Phantom-powered via AudioBox 96 USB
  • 9' / 3 m cable included
  • Mic stand adapter​
  • Cloth carry bag included