Wampler Sovereign Distortion Gray / Silver

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Wampler Sovereign Distortion, Works and sounds great.  Some scratches from use.  Velcro on bottom of pedal, as this pedal was on a pedal board.  Power supply not included.

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We took apart what is required for a great distortion and when we put all the parts back together, we discovered that not only was Brian the King of Dirt, but his new circuit was the King. The Sovereign.

The distortion available from the Sovereign is so versatile you will wonder how so much can be available from one small box. Two gain stages, a mid contour, bright switch and tone control allow you to dial in virtually any sound from modern distortion all the way back to classic OD tones.

With the pedigree this pedal has, we wanted to make sure it stands tall among the other heroes of dirt. We think the Sovereign is the finest in its class, and with a versatility you won’t find on another pedal that sounds as organic as the Sovereign, you’ll agree that this truly is the Sovereign of distortion.


Bypass Switch – A relay based soft switch true-bypass footswitch ensures removal of the circuit when it isn't
wanted, meaning you don't lose any tone when the pedal is off.

Volume – This control adjusts the output level of the Sovereign. There's plenty of volume on tap, so whether
you want to go farther than your input level or just make sure it can do unity volume (the same level of signal
going out as you feed it, when active), you're covered. The output volume, Advanced Gain Structure controls
and tonal adjustments all have an impact on the total volume, so you're probably better off waiting to adjust
the Volume until you've dialed in the other controls. Re-adjustment might be necessary if you get it to the
desired level and still need to tweak the sound.

Gain – One of the Advanced Gain Structure controls, this knob adjusts the distortion level. It interacts with the
Standard/Boost Toggle Switch and the Even/Bright Toggle Switch, and changing them will probably make you
want to change the Gain knob's position as well. As mentioned, it has a very capable range of tones available,
and with adjustment (and attention to the other AGS controls) you can set the foundations for a very powerful
sound, regardless of how much distortion is involved.

Even/Bright Toggle Switch – In Even mode, this switch gives a rock-solid foundation, with strong midrange
and even treble and bass. Flipped into Bright mode, the balance changes to favor high frequencies more. This
can be invaluable when you need to add highs to a setup that is naturally dark in tonality. In Even mode, the
pedal can lay down the thunder; in Bright mode, you'll unleash the lightning. Be prepared!

Standard/Boost Toggle – A great distortion pedal that only does high gain is worthy, but to be the Sovereign
of distortion, flexibility isn't optional, it's required. In Standard mode, you have a great range of gain from
responsive crunch to powerful, chunky distorton. Switch it to Boost to pick up where Standard leaves off, for
more power and all the chewy, commanding distortion that you could possibly desire.

Mid Behavior – The Mid Behavior knob has a profound impact on the fundamental voice of the pedal. The
mids are where guitar's fundamental frequencies, the heartbeats of your notes, live and breathe. Controlling
the midrange is vital to dialing in the perfect sound to fit your desired role in the mix, and this control gives
you plenty of adjustment to dial in the precise relationship of mids to other frequencies that you need.

Tone – Of course, the fundamentals of the guitar's notes are only part of the equation. All that distortion lives
in higher frequencies, harmonics generated by the powerful gain engine that roars deep inside the Sovereign
distortion. The Tone control is the key to nailing the highs just how you want them. Between the Tone control
and the Bright/Even switch in the Advanced Gain Structure section, you have a tremendous amount of control
over the frequency emphasis of the pedal.